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Technology Coordination

Mike Wobser
Director of Technology

(419) 484-5008

The Bellevue City Schools Department of Technology Coordination consists of three employees. Mike Wobser Technology Coordinator and support specialists Stephanie Missler and Nathan Griffith.

They are responsible for supporting virtually every aspect of the work of the staff, from classroom instructional technology to facilitation of the administrative staff's work with software and security.  The department supports a growing Google Apps environment including Google Classroom, an online gradebook environment for staff, students, and parents called ProgressBook, as well as numberous instructional software sites.   The Tech teams supports a variety of hardware: telephones, hvac servers, security cameras and entry systems, 24 servers, 681 personal computers and laptops, 2219 Chromebooks and Laptops, 130 iPads, 15 copiers, 4 3-D Printers, 125 projectors with interactive white board capability, document cameras, and a state of the art wired and wireless infrastructure to link it all together.   We are working on a STEAM initiative in all buildings (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) to help our students put their knowledge and skills together for the working world.

Working together with teachers, students, the school board, and administration, Bellevue is working to remain at the forefront of providing learning experiences by interacting with up-to-date equipment, tools, and software.   Unlike districts who have adopted a 1 to 1 strategy which exposes students to one type of device, a PC, an iPad, or a Chromebook, Bellevue is unique in trying to make sure that our students are exposed to as many types of technology and software as possible.   Technology is rapidly changing, and we hope that learning several different technologies will encourage our students to understand how to quickly learn yet another new system.   We believe this serves our students' futures well, and will prepare them for jobs which don't even exist yet.

We are pleased to serve the Bellevue community and hope that our efforts are helping our students to be prepared for further education and employment when they graduate.

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