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Buildings and Grounds

Adam Gerhardstein
Director of Buildings and Grounds


The Bellevue City Schools Maintenance Department consists of four employees. They are responsible for supporting many aspects of the District. Some of these responsibilities include maintaining heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing work and remodeling classrooms. They have been responsible for moving classrooms and entire schools as we position ourselves for the building of two new schools. Other activities include the mowing of 68 acres of grass, lining football fields, as well as baseball and softball fields. They maintain the track and insure the equipment is in good repair for field events. During the winter months they are responsible for removing snow and salting these areas to insure the safety of faculty and students; this involves early morning and late hours to insure our schools are ready at all times.

The custodial staff in each building is responsible for the general upkeep of each building. The staff works in coordination with teachers, students, and administration to provide a safe atmosphere for teaching and learning. The schools are used for multiple activities and require the coordination of our staff to insure that our facilities are maintained during these times and ready for the next day of classes. These activities include sporting events, concerts, plays, dance recitals and a multitude of community activities.

We are pleased to service the Bellevue Community and hope that you find your buildings are being maintained as you would like.

If you have any comments please contact Adam "Chip" Gerhardstein at