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Superintendent's Message

It is certainly an honor for me to assist with the district’s transition to new leadership following the retirement of Kim Schubert, the district’s long time and respected superintendent. Kim is all about Intent, Integrity, and Purpose. Those words are her song. I know, because I worked with Kim as our district’s curriculum director for five-plus years.

Today, we all know that each of us is living in a strange new world. We are adapting to events in real time. We are relying on networks of trained individuals to help us make correct decisions in rapid time. All the while meeting the commonplace tasks to insure every child receives a quality education. These are challenges indeed. Yet, with every challenge comes the opportunity to be better than we were.

My highest aspiration as a superintendent is the thrill of helping every child attending our school system to succeed, or helping a frustrated parent overcome an obstacle, or assisting a staff member excel beyond his or her own expectations of achievement. It is the satisfaction felt when you help another person see his or her own potential, stand on his or her own two feet, and believe in himself or herself.

I am honored, yet humbled, to be your Interim Superintendent. As we transition to new district leadership, I promise to keep the train on the rails and moving forward.

Let’s have a great 2022!!



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